Visiting Professorship of Rare Diseases online application form

Please refer to the detailed information in the 'Visiting Professorship of Rare Diseases' page before you apply.  

To apply, please complete the form below and click submit. Any queries regarding filling the forms should be sent by email to the ESPE Office.

If successful, the applicant should confirm acceptance within 2 weeks of notification.

Once the grant is accepted, the fellow should activate the grant within 6 months.

The form should be completed by the applicant.

Reference: 12 top tips for writing a grant application. (October 2015). Insight Blog (Medical Research Council, MRC). Retrieved from 


Section 1: Applicant information

Project information

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Applicant - Personal details

Hospital address, City, Country

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Details of Visiting Professor if applicant is host (not applicable if the main applicant is the Visiting Professor)

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Details of host and Host centres