Undergraduate Achievement Award application form

Please refer to the detailed information in the 'Undergraduate Achievement Award' page before you apply.  

Before submission of this grant application please be sure to submit your abstract for the ESPE Annual Meeting 2022, via the abstract online submission portal. This is a requirement prior to completing the below form. You will be emailed a link to view your submitted abstract, which you must screen grab (print screen) and copy onto a document ready to submit where asked below as a PDF file.

To apply, please complete the form below and click submit. Any queries regarding filling the forms should be sent by email to the ESPE Office.

If your application is successfully selected, the applicant should confirm acceptance within 2 weeks of notification.

The form should be completed by the applicant.

For more information about how to write a good grant application, please click here.

27 Apr



Undergraduate Achievement Award application form

Section 1: Candidate - Personal details

Please state Annual meeting loction and year

e.g. Dr, Ms, Mr etc.

Please list if multiple and include membership numbers

Section 2: ESPE sponsor

ESPE sponsor:

Your sponsor must be an ESPE current member who supports your application for this award. You must have their express consent before application as they will be copied into correspondence

Section 3: Abstract submitted to Annual Congress

Please upload a screen grab of the submitted abstract copied onto a PDF file. You will be sent a link to the abstract after submission to the abstract portal which you will be able to screen grab and copy.

Numerical ID given after submission

Section 4: Consent and declarations

I consent for my name and nationality to be promoted through ESPE channels regarding the reception of this award

Please scan your signature and paste to a Word document or PDF file and upload