Consensus Meeting and Guideline Development

The ESPE Clinical Practice Committee (CPC) supports the development of consensus statements and guidelines. The CPC also meets with counterparts from the other international Paediatric Endocrine Societies to plan joint developments. In addition, the CPC reviews guidelines produced by other societies for inclusion on the ESPE website.

ESPE Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Funding Consensus Meetings and Guideline Development

The main aims of Consensus Meetings and Guidelines are:

  • To address a specific clinical topic
  • To review all evidence on the management of that topic
  • To discuss the strength of this evidence and formulate management plans
  • To generate a concise, clear write-up that can be used widely in clinical management by ensuring its publication in a relevant journal.
  • To highlight areas of management where evidence is lacking and research is required

Each proposal needs to be approved by the CPC and ESPE Council.

ESPE consensus and guideline documents are developed using explicit methodology based on three core principles:

  • Development is carried out by multidisciplinary, nationally representative groups
  • A systematic review is conducted to identify and critically appraise the evidence
  • Recommendations are explicitly linked to the supporting evidence


  • Consensus meeting and guideline proposals must be approved preliminarily by the CPC and definitively by the ESPE Council.
  • All ESPE endorsed consensus meetings and guidelines should have a member of the CPC involved in the process of producing the consensus/guidelines from conception to completion.
  • The CPC and the ESPE Council maintain the right to suggest additional experts that may be included in the consensus meeting or guideline development process.
  • Financial support from other funding organisations must be sought and obtained prior to application. Additional cost incurred above the meeting budget will not be covered by ESPE.
  • Meaningful progress must be made and reported every 6 months from the initiation of the guidelines; if not, there should be a need to reapply for ESPE endorsement.
  • Lead authors must submit the progress report form every six months.
  • Guidelines should be made available to ESPE members by publishing in an open access journal or in Hormone Research in Paediatrics
  • All participants must declare any conflicts of interest prior to and at the start of the process/meeting
  • It is expected that consensus guidelines should be completed and submitted for publication within 12-18 months following the initiation of the process

How to apply

It is advised to contact the CPC Chair prior to submitting a formal application, in order to avoid overlap with similar proposals already under review.

Please complete the application form and provide the following information:

  • Application Form
  • Detailed budget
  • Proposed timeline (Gantt Chart) with milestones
  • Applicant CV, including all relevant clinical and research experience
  • Publication list, including all relevant publications and presentations of the applicant and other team members

Please send the required documents to Evangelia Charmandari, Chair of the ESPE Clinical Practice Committee copying in