YES Group







Supporting the work of young paediatric endocrinologists of the future

ESPE understand the importance of supporting the young paediatric endocrinologists of the future and have established the YES Group with the aim to:

  • create a community of early career ESPE members
  • promote visibility and involvement of paediatric endocrinologists at the beginning of their careers within ESPE
  • support your career goals and make sure they are being met
  • help identify future KOLs


The YES Group is managed by a group of 6 representatives who all sit within ESPE’s main committees to give voice to early career paediatric endocrinologists within ESPE.



Can I join the ESPE YES Group?

If you meet the following criteria you are eligible to join the group! You have to be an ESPE member to join so if you haven’t already joined ESPE, you can do so here: Become an ESPE Member

Additional YES Group membership criteria (one needed):

  • PhD students or trainees in paediatrics or (paediatric) endocrinology/diabetology OR
  • ≤ 5 years after obtaining the last degree (specialisation/fellowship/PhD)


Please complete the below application form to become a YES Group member


YES Group Membership Application

Section 1: Candidate - Personal details

e.g. Dr, Ms, Mr etc.

e.g. resident, fellow etc.

Please list if multiple and include membership numbers

Section 2: Consent and declarations